What We Do

Services and Solution offerings

Digital transformation has become need of nearly every industry, as enterprises battle for competitive edge in a newly digital age that ensure to handle agile development/ continuous integration demand and shortest time to market. Our services are focused exactly to help enterprises cover their digital journey efficiently and most cost effective way. 


Strategy & Advisory Consulting

Digital Technology Strategy, Vision Setting, Business Case Development, Change Management, Customer Experience, Products & Services Rationalization, Optimizing operations and Guidelines for Digital Operating Model Development such as microservices and DevOps..


Systems Integration Solution

Digital services has rapidly changed the integration land scape of IT systems. Although new emerging technologies has addressed agile development and independent deployable components but it has significantly increased the complexity and necessity of robust integration mechanism. Our capability in this area is to work hand in hand with other vendors and solution providers


Application Development

Along with portal and mobile app development Our ADM services mainly focus on design & development of business microservices by harnessing the power new emerging technologies and deployment platforms such as java spring boot, NGINX ,dockers, kubernetes and messaging by kafka for both enterprise application messaging, listeners and big data ETL.


Migrations & Transitions

Our services in this are not limited to application and data migration/ transitions for legacy systems to upgraded stack but also include transition strategy and consulting for monolithic system to microservices. That includes new data model design, domain segregation, test cases development, conducting UATs / FUT, Business simulation and making sure successful go live and KPIs of service delivery.


Big Data, IOT & Data Science

Our OOTB Telco Insight and healthcare Insight is prebuilt & configurable advanced analytics suite that spans all functions and use cases of Telecom and healthcare domains. It enables decision makers with powerful analytics and deep insight. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI),Data Mining, Machine Learning (ML),Deep Learning (DL). Tools &Technologies includes Hadoop, Cloudera, Horton Works and in-house ETL & analytics tools.   

mobile money

Mobile Financial System

State of the art solution for banks, telco operators, and other entities to deliver innovative and accessible Mobile Financial Services. Our next generation mobile banking suite enabling banks and customers for interactional digital payments. Support multiple Channels & authentication Methods with end to end configurable Agent Management and  full suite of customer wallet options.


Infrastructure Management

Our aim is to help our customers design and implement smart infrastructure to support their digital ambitions. Our services include Planning, Implementation and Maintenance to help build, optimize and run smart infrastructure to cope with High availability, Disaster recovery and easy migrations..

program management-1

Program Management

We aim to secure early focus/investment in strategic execution planning to reduce risks, duration, and costs. All phases of the project conception, Launch, Execution, and closure are closely linked to business

Enabling Digital Transformation

1-  Fully opensource Extended Digitalx Service Platform 

2-  Agile support of evolving business models 

3-  Focus on customer experience

4-  Optimizing operations

5-  API monetization and real-time consumer charging

6-  API Management    

§  Design and expose APIs for digital products    

§  Expand business network and explore new revenue streams    

§  Improve business agility with recomposed microservices

7-  Integration

§  Legacy or micro-services based Enterprise integration  

§  Business process and business rules based Integration of services

§ Analysis of data services and redesign to support large volume by converting to microservices based architecture.

8-  Real time analytics  

§ Real-time monitoring and analysis to make real time decision making  

§ Enable Context aware response to improve customer experience  

§ Design new products to improve business

9-  Internet of Things

§  IOT solution includes echo systems of partners, exposing APIs for IOT data producers and consumers Information management, storage and analytics